Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Wellington

High Quality RenovationsA well-planned Wellington home renovation or redesign means that any room in your Wellington home is perfect for you. Renovating your house by home upgrades or an extension allows you to get the best possible outcome. You should retain the elements of your home that you like and alter the ones that don’t.


Optimum Development & Construction, as a residential construction contractor, will assist you if you are expanding through the roof to add a second floor, modifying the internal configuration of your home to increase flow, or need a new bathroom or kitchen. Optimum Development & Construction genuinely listens to all of the recommendations.


Optimum Development staff will take the time to consider your objectives for the renovation. They help you make the right choice after listening to your brief and decide what is nice to have or a must-have. Let’s talk about how your family actually uses each room in your house and what improvements you’d like to see.


Please contact us to set up an appointment. Anything from the breathtaking kitchen and bathroom upgrades to complete house extensions is handled by Optimum Development.


Kitchen renovating 


Optimum Development has an eye for detail and will complete your kitchen redesign from conception to flawless decor, whether you are updating the cabinetry, redesigning the layout, or gutting it completely. 


Bathroom renovating 


 Do you want to turn your gloomy bathroom into a comfortable and luxurious space? We will work closely with you to ensure that all features and aesthetics are provided.


House improvements 


New baby? Relatives moved in with you? A steady influx of visitors? Whether you need an additional bedroom, an extra floor, or want to expand the square meter of your house, Optimum Development & Construction has the expertise and talent to complete your expansion, and if your section requires sorting afterward, ask for our landscaping services.


Interior renovating 


Improving the architecture of your home’s interior works well to let more natural light in, providing a sense of space, and greatly enhancing the flow of your home. We will assist you with designs and then finish the project, whether you’d like to open up a single inconvenient area or remodel the whole interior of your house.




Home Renovations & Extensions WellingtonIf you don’t have any extra room under, in front of, or on the sides of your house, why not try a basement transformation?  If there is no basement room, excavation work can be done for you.


All Optimum Development & Construction home care systems will keep the house in excellent condition. Do you need to repair rotting weatherboards? Is there a hole in your roof that needs to be repaired? Or maybe you need the construction of a new entrance, window, or wardrobe.


Optimum home renovation for Wellington residents is more about getting the property up to date than making drastic improvements. Optimum Development & Construction will assist you with high-quality home improvements.


Optimum Development for Wellington Home Renovation and Building Firm


Optimum Development provides specialized maintenance facilities to residents of Wellington and the surrounding areas. The design principles of the city vary considerably. In particular, historic villas and bungalows can be found near the center of town, while ultra-modern buildings can be found on the outskirts.


There are many timber buildings, interspersed with a few art deco apartment buildings and several excellent post-modern architecture examples. Many older homes will benefit immensely from an upgrade that requires better insulation and air conditioning systems.


Spending considerable time on preparations will help you save money in the long run by preventing disruptions and expensive changes.


That is why, for Optimum Development, the briefing stage is an important phase in which a team of committed and professional experts can work through the alternatives and specifications with you. Besides, the team will discuss the project concepts and viability with you.


You can easily finalize the specifications and address any questions or problems. Although unpredictable challenges are not unusual, having a simple design schedule allows fewer modifications during the construction process, which will help the team finish the project on track and under budget.


Being a member of a global and multinational community often helps Optimum Development blend economies of scale with local expertise. We have access to the best local subcontractors and vendors, as well as cutting-edge project management technologies.


Awareness of local rules and regulations is important, and the Optimum Development team will be able to do all the paperwork and receive the required permits. This is a huge tension reliever. Leave it to the experts who are familiar with the timeframes and legislation.


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