Tips When Renovating An Apartment

For many people, renovating an apartment is not only exciting but rewarding as well, however, there are several factors to consider before you embark on a Wellington apartment renovation project. First, there is Body Corporate or a strata committee to check with, then there is also the issue of access to manage. There is an array of reasons and advantages to renovating your apartment, but there is also a dire need to have a savvy plan in place to avoid any hindrances on the way. 


Work Out Your Apartment Renovation Budget


Talk to renovation expertsEvonn Reyno of Refresh Renovation says “ What you spend is really dependent on what you want” A rule of thumb is that you should base your Wellington apartment renovation on the apartment’s square meterage. In simpler terms, you should take a ballpark price, say $500 and multiply that by the meterage of your apartment. With the final figure in mind, you can now start making adjustments on what to add, remove or retain. 


You can also choose to go with different materials than you had included in the budget, for instance, instead of a quick fix paint job, you can invest in good quality paint that will last ages. You need to think of everything from decorations, tradespeople, structural work, appliances, flooring, electrics, and lighting.


Make A Plan


A plan is a very crucial part of remodeling. It makes your Wellington apartment renovation time and cost-effective. Think about what you want to achieve. Keep a folder of the material and color preference swatches, tear sheets from magazines as well as brochures from suppliers. 


Important Renovation Considerations


  • Check your deeds for overriding interests, leases, or covenants
  • Do you need Building Regulations, Strata Committee, or Body Corporate approval?
  • Do you need planning permission?


Talk to The Renovation Experts


If you’re looking to do a renovation to your apartment, it is essential to speak to an expert, who could be a cabinetmaker, glaziers, painters, plumbers, or builders. Optimum Development LLC will work with you to ensure that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. There are many unreliable tradespeople that will show up late, or do a shoddy job.


 This is why it is important to hire a trusted renovation expert to ensure that you do not lose your money or your time 


Make Friends With Your Neighbours and Body Corporate


Get your renovation basics rightWhen doing your Wellington apartment renovation you will have neighbors above, below, or beside  Ensure that you let your neighbors know what is happening and keep in mind that you can not disturb anyone else’s quiet enjoyment. You should ensure that the renovations are strictly done during working hours. If the work being done involves a lot of noise, such as polishing concrete floors, you need to first ensure that your neighbors are ok with it. 


Body Corporates have rules that are quite strict when it comes to the renovation of apartments. These could conclude making external visual changes, color rules, window dressing in some buildings need approval before changing and you cannot take out internal pillars as this may greatly affect the structure of the building. Such rules need to be followed to the latter to ensure that you don’t experience any trouble during your renovation process. 


Setting up a new kitchen may also need approval and you may require additions such as an acoustic membrane to reduce the transfer of noise to your neighbors when laying a new floor. 


Speaking to your neighbors and Body Corporate will help a great deal to ensure that you do not go against the renovation rules or disturb your neighbor’s peace. 


Get Your renovation Basics Right


When doing your Wellington apartment renovations, it is important to note that with apartments, you have a smaller space to work with, in comparison to stand-alone houses, which brings about the need to use design strategies to make your rooms look bigger. 


Knowing that white paint will create an illusion of space will help you create a spacious room for your apartment as compared to not knowing that. 


Optimum Development LLC


Whatever you need for your Wellington apartment renovation, we’ve got it. All you need to do is bring us your vision and we will turn it into a reality. Reach out to Optimum Development LLC. at +1 561 310 6081 for more information on the same.


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