Residential New Construction

Residential New Home Building

Your new home could well be the largest investment you ever make so, naturally, you want to plan and design it right. Our talented team of residential new construction experts offers you a fantastic variety of floor plans to choose from or we can work with you to design a custom plan for your new dream home.


The first step is to meet together and get to know each other. We want to know your dreams and visions for your new home. How do you foresee using the space? You may want a flowing, open floor plan. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a backyard pool where you and your family can relax after a hard day’s work. Or maybe your priority is a simple layout with easy physical access to all spaces on one floor. Whatever your vision and needs, our designers use their unique talents to work with you to bring it to fruition and to ensure that your new home reflects your unique style and personality.

Home Upgrade Options

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What makes a house a home and how do you choose the right contractor? The answer is different for everyone so we offer upgrade options for new homes to fit every taste.  What we have available will outfit your home with all the unique attributes you want and need. Energy-efficient features, backsplash, tile flooring, carpet color and texture, and paint color and texture are just a few of the attributes and upgrades we will discuss with you.


Each of these elements is key as we collaborate with you to plan your new living space. Kevin brings a unique perspective and experience to his designs and will work tirelessly and patiently with you to determine what goes best in your space and that fits your personality (and your budget!); we will do this through a series of meetings and ongoing communications.


You will review Construction Companies in South Floridaand must approve each upgrade option before it becomes a part of your final plan. We will use the latest modeling techniques and tools to virtually show you what your space is going to look like before we have laid one brick or hammered a single nail. We have found that this is a great way to avoid mistakes and regrets. Once you are satisfied and have settled on your final elements, we will go to work to implement your plan and make your dream home come to life.

The Home Building Process

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With our many years of experience, we’ve got, residential home building down to a science and a reputation for building the best custom homes in South Florida. After you have settled on your upgrades, we will assign you your own personal Job Superintendent who will manage your project from start to finish.


He/She will meet with you and brief you on the details of how your project will move forward from day to day. He will flesh out your build calendar and begin the process of ordering materials and scheduling your construction team. Communication is one of our core values and your Job Superintendent will consult with you, providing advice and feedback, but also listening to your concerns every step of the way. He’ll let you know when the foundation is going to be laid and when framing will start. You’ll get a notice when sheetrock is going in and when walls are going up. Unlike other builders, we’ll also check in with you when there are the inevitable weather delays or other project hold-ups.


We prefer to over-communicate even if we have to share bad news. You can be assured that we will not sweep missteps or other issues under the rug. Our goal when there is a setback is to be completely honest with you as to what has happened and then share with you step-by-step how we are going to fix it. This is the project management style that keeps so many of our high-profile customers coming back to us time after time and reinforces your trust in us.

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Optimum Development has prime lots available and ready for construction in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida. We have worked in and lived in this market for years so we understand it and can help you take advantage of its many benefits. Our construction process takes into account all aspects of home building and home purchasing.


We will accompany you throughout this entire journey to ensure that this is a positive experience for you. Our website projects tab has information on successfully completed in your area or, better yet, come into one of our model homes or construction offices to visit today. Let us show you how we can handle the complex details for you so you can just focus on moving into and enjoying your beautiful new home. We are ready to get to know you and go to work for you, our future customer and proud homeowner!

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