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2020 Ultimate South Florida Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Eating out on a warm, pleasant day or a cool starry night is one of the most blissful experiences. The icing on the cake is not having to leave your home to share this experience with your family, friends, and acquaintances. Having a contemporarily designed outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare and enjoy your scrumptious meals in a classy setting, right in your backyard, patio, or deck.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

We, Optimum Development LLC, have a rich assortment of creative designs, ranging from shabby chic styles to variations of modern charm. If you have room to spare in your backyard, we have several breathtaking outdoor kitchen ideas that’ll blow you away. If you’re leaning more toward an economy of space, we got your back with projects that involve prep counters and sinks.

Afraid of weather elements damaging your project? We have incredible layouts that incorporate permanent and retractable roofs and enclosures. All these kitchens will give your house a unique ambiance that’ll astound your guests. Whichever ideas you prefer for your outdoor kitchen, Outdoor Living, South Florida, will see it materializes in your home. We have selected a few of the projects that we’ve handled before to give you a slight idea of what we’re capable of. Just choose the design you like from this catalog or elsewhere, talk to us to learn the cost, and let us do our affordable magic.

Roofed Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen

Roofed Pergola with Modern Outdoor Kitchen

The dark furniture blends perfectly with the theme of the house in this outdoor kitchen with a pergola. We equipped this kitchen fully with an outdoor barbecue and a kitchen table. Its pergola stands on exquisite pillars of stacked stone with a light color to match the existing home stucco finish. Its brown roof contrasts beautifully against the house, pillars, and floor. An outdoor shower stands in perfect harmony with the entire setup overlooking a beautiful pool.

New Roofed Patio Extension with Outdoor Kitchen

Covered patios with outdoor kitchen structures This roofed outdoor kitchen patio extends the usability of your outdoor space. It incorporates a sizeable complete bar with a creative countertop. The outdoor kitchen is spacious and boasts a barbecue, drawers, oven, and a dishwashing sink. The rough stacked stone finish blends excellently with the smoother cobblestoned floor. The silver and brown color shades give the kitchen a classy yet relaxed feel.

Outdoor Entertainment Paradise – The Pool House Outdoor Kitchen Combo

Outdoor Kitchen Designs With Pool This modern outdoor kitchen includes a cabana with a pergola overlooking a pool. The setup looks elegant, with the square and rectangular elements creating the perfect theme. The bright colors of the furnishings, the pool, the cabana, pergola, and the outdoor kitchen make this slice of heaven stand out without looking out of place.

The pergola stands over a dream-like outdoor kitchen with comfortable chairs and tables on either side of it. The pool, which it overlooks, matches its length and is decorated with square tiles bordered by green grass to complete the harmony of the setup with the green backyard. If you have space to spare, the pool pavilion with an outdoor kitchen could be precisely what your backyard needs.

Outdoor Kitchen with Living Space Overlooking Swimming Pool

Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Living Space Overlooking Swimming PoolOf all outdoor kitchen designs with pools, this design offers a complete entertainment space. With a basic concrete framework, this design has a long kitchen table with lively wooden colors. The lightly colored couch sits overlooking the small outdoor kitchen swimming pool. This couch is in perfect view of the screen that hangs over the kitchen space. The open sides of the cabana allow natural light to mingle with the mixture of lively colors of the kitchen, roof, couch, and floor.

The sturdy cabana has a wooden roof with a red-brownish color that adds to the stylish look of the space. This cabana has extra space for a foosball table behind the couch, providing enough entertainment space for guests and family.

A Complete Outdoor Living Renovation, with Pavilion over Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Modern Pavilion over Outdoor Kitchen and PoolIf you’re ready to go all-in for modern outdoor kitchen designs, here is one design that you should consider. Out of grassy outdoor space, we crafted a 600SF living space with an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and a Churrasco grill. The pergola, which also housed an outdoor bar, overlooked a creative pool. We erected this pergola to stand on smooth concrete pillars, which we, in turn, raised with shorter ones made of stacked stones. 3,500SF of travertine marble and warm landscaping surround the pool. The chairs and table leave just enough space for free movement and activities.

Patio Extension with Enclosure for Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Patio Extension with Enclosure for Outdoor Kitchen with FireplaceIf your house stands in a beautiful neighborhood, here is one of the most gorgeous latest outdoor kitchen designs for you. We created this project intending to carve out a cozy living space for a large group to enjoy the outdoor ambiance of any season. The simple patio extension space is surrounded by a glass screen enclosure that offers a panoramic view of the vicinity.

The pergola stands over a backyard kitchen with a gorgeous fireplace, complemented by a medium-sized round-shaped clock. The large table for Alfresco Dining that sits in front of the stylish bar still leaves a lot of comfortable space. The colors of the furniture match the color of the pergola roofing, which contrasts the lighter-colored fireplace, pillars, and tabletop.

Free Standing Modern Pergola

If you’re thinking about outdoor kitchen patio covers, this free-standing modern pergola is just what you need. Not only do you have a shelter for your outdoor kitchen against intense sun and rain, but you also add a contemporary flair to your backyard. We built this outdoor kitchen patio cover to add an architectural highlight to this Miami home. This superb structure has a cypress tongue and groove ceiling that matches the look and feel of the house. If you want a pergola for your outdoor kitchen, you should consider this gorgeous idea.

A Wooden Four-Columned Pergola for Outdoor Kitchen

A Wooden Four-Columned Pergola for Outdoor KitchenIf you live in a woody or relatively vegetative vicinity, you should consider constructing your backyard kitchen with this elegant pergola. We crafted this outdoor poolside kitchen to accommodate a significant number of people at a time so that it doesn’t feel crowded. The four-columned pergola without walls offers a 24’ span of a fantastic view. The wooden pillars stand on stacked stone bases that connect the pergola with the stone floor. Despite the ashy colors around the pool, this ingenious outdoor kitchen pergola plan looks right at home with the vegetative surroundings.

Outdoor Patio with Fireplace and Kitchen

Outdoor Patio with Fireplace and KitchenIf you want a spacious patio with a roof, an outdoor kitchen, a breathtaking view, and a relaxing atmosphere, this could be precisely what you want. This project incorporated another four-columned pergola, whose white color matches that of the kitchen table. We created the firepit away from one end, and the kitchen on the other, with the table in between. The fireplace has a dark brown color that matches the tabletops, the only wall, and the roof. In the night, the dim artificial lighting allows you to enjoy the natural one from the sky.

The Outdoor Kitchen Firepit Combo Near Pool

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Firepit Combo Near PoolOpening into your backyard can lead to one of the most beautiful spaces with the outdoor kitchen and firepit combo. The cobblestoned floor and the stacked stone kitchen table serve to accentuate each other’s elegance. The kitchen is complete with a barbecue, and a firepit on the smooth tabletop. Beyond the kitchen area is a lovely sitting area overlooking a swimming pool, to complete a magnificent recreational area. The colors and architecture of this outdoor kitchen blend into the gorgeous house to complement its already sophisticated look.

Outdoor Kitchens with Firepits Built into Concrete Countertops

Outdoor Kitchens with Firepits Built into Concrete CountertopsDo you want a barbecue outdoor kitchen design with a fireplace or firepit? You can take this outdoor kitchen idea, which has ample free space for activities, rather than being a simple cooking area. One of the best ways of complementing your kitchen area is by adding a fireplace or firepit; we went with a firepit on the concrete countertops.

This incorporation allows the table to have seat space along with the additional functionality of a firepit. This setup also includes a bar with a countertop that matches that of the kitchen table. The use of similar heights for both tabletops allows you to use the same stools at the bar and kitchen table. The smooth concrete work gives the entire setting a refined feel.

Stone Patio with Outdoor Kitchen Overlooking Green Backyard

Stone Patio with Outdoor Kitchen Overlooking Green BackyardSingle colors in outdoor kitchens can look good too. If you have a uni-colored house, breaking that in your backyard might make your outdoor kitchen look out of place; choose a color that’s identical or close to the rest of the house. Smooth concrete and tiles will fit into any design for your kitchen table, barbecue, and firepit. In our project, we created the grill near the fireplace with the counter beside them. This design left a lot of recreational space in the green backyard. Such an outdoor kitchen layout is perfect for both day and night activities.

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace Under Pergola

 Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace Under PergolaIf your backyard is not spacious, you can still have an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace. This design incorporates economic use of space but still manages to slot in an outdoor kitchen and fireplace without looking congested. On either side of the fireplace are compartments and barbecue flanking it to complete a majestic look for your setup. The silvery colors, along with a mixture of smooth concrete and stacked stones, give the structure a sophisticated ambiance. The open space around the kitchen makes it perfect for a warm day, while the pergola roof above makes it ideal for drizzly one.

Enclosed Patio with Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Enclosed Patio with Outdoor Kitchen with FireplaceDo you want to enjoy your outdoor kitchen and fireplace any time of day or year? This outdoor kitchen patio idea suits backyards with limited space. If you have a fantastic backyard view, this style is a no-brainer. For stargazing in the evenings with dinner in natural or artificial lighting, you couldn’t pick a better option. The transparent enclosure gives you a panoramic view of everything in your backyard without the intrusion of strong winds or insects at night.

We constructed the fireplace with brown stacked stones but made its mantel darker to create an exquisite blend of colors for the entire arrangement. The steel highlights in the kitchen break the stone and concrete monotony nicely. Feel free to place your souvenirs on the mantel and make your patio outdoor kitchen and fireplace look even classier.

Outdoor Kitchen on Patio with Black and White Theme

Outdoor Kitchen on Patio with Black and White ThemeBlack, white, and silver are colors that never feel obsolete. This design best fits a house with colors close to black or white on their exterior so that the kitchen can fit right in. In this white and grey house, this design slotted in naturally with the rest of the house. The kitchen table surrounds the kitchen with enough sitting space for about ten people. It leaves spacious cooking space for cooks to move about. The countertop features black-splash vertical facing for an exceptional and contemporary look. The vent hood makes the dark wall more sophisticated. The open space beyond the kitchen is enough for other activities and offers a terrific view of the skyline.

Outdoor Barbecue by Pool Transformation

Outdoor Barbecue by Pool TransformationAn outdoor kitchen around your pool is an unbelievable way of complementing the swimming pool. We wanted to create an attractive kitchen and barbecue area that would be ideal for use during the day and night. Over the regular concrete ceiling – whose dull cream color matched the rest of the house – we added a beautiful shiny russet brown one. We complemented the tongue and groove cypress ceiling with discreet lighting and brown fans. Over the barbecue, we installed steel ventilation hoods, which we flanked with gorgeous lights. The concrete bar and sink completed the transformation of the patio into a warm and comfortable cooking and entertainment area.

Ultra-Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Table and Bench Near Pool

Ultra-Modern Luxury Outdoor Kitchen with Table and Bench Near PoolIf your pool left enough space for an outdoor kitchen, you might as well consider making it unique. This one-of-a-kind kitchen has an incredible lot of table space for the cook. The grey color of the benchtops and tabletops contrasts with the rest of the setup beautifully. The rest of the kitchen is mainly brown. In front of the spacious low bench stands a table of medium height, their design, and color almost identical. Their sides are made of brown wood to give your kitchen a classy look. The bench faces the swimming pool that sits beyond the kitchen.

The kitchen is very spacious, and the barbecue has its own lighting. The rest of the space relies on strategically placed porch lights. The kitchen table has an inbuilt cream sink.

Outdoor Kitchen with Table and Benches Under Pergola

Enjoy your warm days with this backyard pergola outdoor kitchen idea. It incorporates a four-pillar pergola with a brown wooden ceiling holding fans and unobtrusive lights. This overhead cover leaves space all round for natural light to wash over the sitting and kitchen areas. In front of the kitchen area, a single table stands on thick wooden legs between two benches with a similar design. Beyond the kitchen, table, and benches, two couches sit perpendicular to each other, completing an impressive cooking, dining, and entertainment area.

Outdoor Kitchen Design with Pizza Oven Under Pavilion (with Table and Benches)

Outdoor Kitchen Design with Pizza Oven Under PavilionAre you up for an atmosphere of comfort and class? Go for an outdoor kitchen design with a pizza oven, bar, and barbecue under a pavilion. These outdoor kitchen components create the perfect setting for you and your family or friends to enjoy a day in your backyard. The swimming pool completes the beautiful plan to give you a paradise right outside your house. The countertops cover more than 250SF and are made of decorative concrete with a 4-inch reveal of genuine wood facing on the bar.

When cooking, eating, or relaxing under the pavilion, you’ll appreciate the cypress tongue and cypress ceiling that has terrific lighting, perfect for an outdoor night. Beside the bar, a wooden table and bench complete the layout splendidly.

Space-Economical Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven with BBQ

Do you want an outdoor kitchen that accommodates several features in limited deck or patio space? This backyard had very little space and no flooring.

In this project, we managed to incorporate a barbecue, pizza oven, an independent gas cooking countertop. We crafted a slightly towering outdoor pizza oven against one end of the back wall. We created the roof with brown layered bricks to make the authentic wood-burning outdoor pizza oven look even more exquisite. The oven now dons highlights of rectangular brown bricks to match the stands of the counter.

How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

The cost of an outdoor kitchen depends on several factors, including;

  • The cost of the construction materials
  • The conditions of the construction site
  • Taxes and inflation factors
  • The specifications of the construction plan
  • The Size of the project
  • The location of the project

The specifications of the pool ideas that we’ve put forward will have a massive bearing on the cost. For instance, an outdoor kitchen and pool will cost more than what a small patio with an outdoor kitchen would cost. If you want to know what the project you have in mind would cost, just request a quote with our professional for an accurate response.

Why We’re the Best Contractors for Outdoor Kitchens

Best South Florida Outdoor Kitchen Contractors You may be looking to craft a simple DIY outdoor kitchen in your backyard and want ideas. Even though you could do it successfully, you’re likely to encounter countless challenges. Cost estimation is a complex and meticulous process, which might be challenging to handle by yourself. Furthermore, the slightest miscalculation or error in the implementation of your plan could end up significantly scarring your backyard and costing you more to remedy. In such a case, your insurance company may decline to pay any claim due to the high level of negligence. An insured company such as Optimum Development LLC provides compensation and repairs for any damages.

Here are a few of the reasons why we are the best company to contract for your outdoor kitchen or structure project:

  • You won’t find a better outdoor kitchen creator than Outdoor Living of South Florida.
  • Our designs are affordable throughout the construction process.
  • We are a licensed and insured residential contractor who will handle your home carefully. In case of an unfortunate incident during our work, you’re sure to be fully compensated.
  • Our amazing craftsmanship makes us the best in building custom pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and other outdoor structures.
  • We are time-tested, having completed over 4,000+ stellar and top-rated projects all over Florida.
  • Our staff is dedicated, professional, and experienced.

All our projects are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too. Contact us today for outdoor structures that blend into your home, as if they were always there.

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