Jupiter Apartment Renovation

A remodeling job can range from a simple task of replacing a bathroom faucet or painting a room to as complicated a task as adding a whole level to the house, moving a window, or even tearing down a wall. A more complicated renovation is referred to as structural changes. When renovating and there is possible structural change, the homeowner needs to be aware of the service and costs that go into that kind of task. 


General contractors in JupiterStructural changes can come by in several ways, some of which include; 


  • Addition or removal of slabs for screen enclosures and patios
  • Removal of part of the home, or a room
  • Turning a story house into two
  • Adding windows
  • Moving doors and windows
  • Adding a covered balcony or patio
  • Pulling down a wall to enlarge a room
  • Adding a new room


When doing your Jupiter apartment renovation it is crucial to understand the original structure of the house, how it was meant to withstand forces from the outside and how your input into the structure can affect the general state of the building. At Optimum Development LLC, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the renovation process is cost-effective and smooth from start to finish, as well as strive to work with integrity and honesty to ensure that we deliver what you envisioned. 


Whether it is opening up space, putting up a home office, an entertainment room, or a master closet, we have it all for you. We understand your needs and will strive to ensure that we give you your dream home. The best thing about remodeling, instead of building in an entirely new place, is that you get to keep all the beautiful memories, neighbors, and even your address. 


Still, you look around your home and wish you could improve its functionality and update its style.


Clients return to Optimum Development LLC over and over again when they want a remodeling job done. It does not matter what area of the house it is, we will do it, and do it perfectly. Whether it is the home office, the entertainment room, bedroom, basement, or utility room, we will bring your dreams to reality.


Apartment cabinet refacingWhen it comes to remodeling, we offer these services;


  • Adding an extra story
  • Converting the attic into an office space of your choice
  • Combining your family room with your kitchen
  • Building an en suite master bedroom
  • Remove or move walls to create an open floor plan.


A large remodeling project can make your day-to-day lives a bit difficult. This is why you need to hire Optimum Development LLC to do your renovations for you as we will ensure that your project is done with a lot of precision, and in good time too to avoid any inconveniences. The entire process of renovation creates an enjoyable and positive experience from the inception of the idea to the completion of the process. 


Apartment Cabinet Refacing


Optimum Development LLC gives clients in Jupiter a cost-effective and convenient way to transform their cabinets, be it in the kitchen, or in the study. Cabinet refacing offers all the benefits of new cabinets but without the hassle of having to install new cabinets all the same. 


Convenient apartment renovationsCabinets with a strong underlying framework can be renovated in many ways, to serve both function and appearance. We upgrade your cabinets with;


  • Lazy Susan’s
  • Rollout shelves
  • Slow-close hinges
  • Hidden hinges
  • Decorative trim
  • Designer hardware
  • Laminates
  • Rigid thermal foil doors
  • Solid wood doors
  • New door styles


We are known for our dedication and commitment to giving you your dream home, albeit in sections.  We use the most efficient installation methods and the finest materials to transform your cabinets into beautiful pieces of art. We have complete respect for your home and we ensure that after the project has been completed, we clean up your home thoroughly. 


Your Cost-Effective and Convenient Apartment Renovator


If you are a homeowner, looking to do a Jupiter apartment renovation, reach out to Optimum Development LLC. We proudly serve clients in Southeast Florida and provide them their dream homes. Reach out to us today and we will start the process of realizing your visions. 


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