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Delray Beach Custom Home BuilderInsured and Licensed, we are local builders that offer a unique skill set and a team of experts to finish your new construction. We endeavor to bring out the best results. Our team toils energetically to guarantee your project is completed on time and surpasses your expectations.




We engage a capable group of architects, designers, engineers, and a great team of specialists that help us envision any plan with our customers, far before we start the project. Design is a very imperative part of our course and we trust that it’s the only way to guarantee that our customer can visually see the upcoming project, and our crew is seeing it precisely how you want it to be done. We will walk you through each stage of this design process.


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We have great relations with the local construction sectors to warrant we can get your licenses pushed through and accepted so we can begin the construction work.


The houses we design and build our state of the art, using the newest lead workable practices, and cutting-edge expertise to make a really smart home that is also effective. Using the modern building necessities for South Florida, construct the sturdiest, most effective houses on the market.


We trust that when we construct a new house for our customers, it is our mark we are leaving for the world to see, and we will make sure that it will impress for ages to come! We stand behind our work and continuously see each plan through up until the very end.




Delray Beach Residential ConstructionAlthough we love to construct new homes for our customers, a huge portion of our business remodels. We have assisted numerous customers that desired a new home but treasured an older, not so nice home location, and we entirely converted it into their dream house! We work with customers/investors that want to undertake projects with us in this respect.


Residential Services


At Optimum Development, we offer a full range of building and construction services to residential clients, including everything from remodeling to new construction and additions of any space or room in your existing house. In our many years of construction practice with residential developments in South Florida, we have worked with everything from historic assets to new structures, both huge and small.


Commercial Construction


Commercial building and construction services are specific strengths for Optimum Development. The facilities we provide our commercial customers with comprise: renovation and new building of retail, medical, professional offices, and restaurants. We have been serving the requirements of industries all over Delray Beach and South Florida for several years in all different types of industries and businesses.


Why Hire a Delray Beach Residential Construction? 


If you inquire from any Optimum Development client, present or past, what sets us apart from any general contractor or builder in South Florida, you will hear that it is our special attention to each project. Our main principle of client fulfillment directs our approach to every project, from beginning to conclusion.


New Construction Homes & Plans in Delray BeachFirst and foremost, we attend to our clients. From preliminary consultation to the conclusion of the development, we build a partnership where we are devoted to responding to their questions, listening to their thoughts, and expressing the precise solutions to make their project fruitful.


Every task that is assigned to us is personal since we know that the remodel, renovation, or new build, whether residential or commercial, maybe something that our customer has capitalized on and saved for or imagined for years. 


We respect the amount of time our customers are personally capitalizing on a project and we trust that it is our duty to be good stewards of the funds they are disbursing. Staying on-time and on-budget while offering the highest quality which Optimum Development is acknowledged for is the best value we can bring.


Best Delray Beach Custom Home Builder: Optimum Development


Optimum development is a real estate development and construction firm offering services in Delray Beach and South Florida. We have a reputation for honesty and loyalty and ensure that we turn your dream home into a reality. We work with only the best suppliers and subcontractors in the industry, to ensure you get the best quality of materials and that your house is built with the best skill. 


If you are a resident of Delray Beach, looking for a general contractor for your high-end home’s construction or enhancement, contact us on +1.561.310.6081 or +1.800.279.0170.


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