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Once you have decided to work with Optimum Development LLC on your commercial new construction project, you will be amazed at how effective we are. Our time-tested processes and procedures are what makes our projects so successful.


We don’t use these methods just because we always have; we use them because they work. Moreover, we keep our team continuously educated and tweak our processes on a regular basis to make sure we stay up to date with the latest trends. We can help you build any type of commercial structure using state of the art technology and the latest methods.

Modern Construction Methods

Optimum Development LLC has the certifications and knowhow to build the most modern commercial buildings. The exciting thing is, we can help you meet your budget’s bottom line while, at the same time, producing the latest and most current look and feel you want for your structure.

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Commercial building upgrades with modern technology


For example, there is a strong push today to preserve our environment through responsible, energy-centric building methods. There are plenty of good reasons for this. We love South Florida as much as you do, and we hope to be able to leave a great legacy of energy-efficient structures for our children and grandchildren. Thus, we are seeing an increasing demand for energy-efficient commercial buildings. LEED building design and construction is one of the latest among these trends, and we can easily incorporate this kind of innovation into your commercial project. Additionally, we can install solar panel systems, modern insulation, and the most efficient weather stripping saving you thousands, which you can redistribute to other priorities.


We can also provide internal and perimeter security systems to help you secure your building and property, making sure that it is well protected and only accessed by those you want to allow onsite. From video surveillance cameras to access control readers and ID badging systems, we have the technology to safeguard your structure.

Types of Commercial Buildings We Build

Optimum Development LLC is a versatile builder with experience building all types of commercial buildings. Professional buildings, strip malls, Banking/Financial institutions, call centers, and high-end offices are all among our capabilities.


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We can also build clinical labs, clean rooms, warehouse space, and much more. While each of these specialized structures has its own idiosyncrasies and specific requirements, we are familiar with them all. Our team has expertise in all the major building specialties, including structural concrete, wood and light steel framing, and interior and exterior wood and concrete fitting and surfaces.


Our job is to make sure your project meets the specs and will pass occupancy inspection for each of these types of buildings. When you leave your project in our capable hand, you can rest assured that we will deliver the finished product.

Your Project Management Team

When you start on a commercial new building construction project with us, we will accompany you through the commercial building process from beginning to end. The first thing we will do is to assign you a dedicated project manager.


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Automated Construction Management for stellar results

This is a specialist from our team who is highly experienced and qualified to oversee your project. You won’t have to worry about any of the day-to-day details as your project manager will have it covered. Through daily email and phone updates to you, he/she will keep you abreast of all project milestones.

The project manager’s job is to coordinate scheduling and interaction between all trades and sub-contractors and to ensure that your project stays on track from start to finish. As soon as we book your job, we place it on our construction calendar, and then our team goes to work implementing it for you. This is a collaborative process that includes the following steps:


  • Discovery and project scheduling
  • Design initiation
  • Design changes/revisions/approval
  • Construction initiation
  • Construction completion
  • Final punch list and turnover


In addition to these steps, if any permits need to be acquired, your project manager will take the necessary measures to secure them. Of course, we will be communicating with you continuously throughout every phase of the construction process, and always obtain your approval before making any significant changes to the scope of the project.

The Finished Product

If, at any time, while working with us, you feel that things are not unfolding the way you think they should, please feel free to reach out to our management team and let us know.


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We are a transparent company and want to know how you are feeling about our performance through every phase of your project. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and we will not walk away until we feel that you are completely happy with the final result. At Optimum Development LLC, we have a reputation for keeping our word and for seeing things through with our customers, as you can tell from our many high-profile references.


You can count on us to be there from the beginning through when you occupy your building and beyond.


Every project has minor issues that are not apparent until after move-in, and we will quickly dispatch crews to take care of these things in an efficient manner that will not disturb your day-to-day work. If you will trust us enough to take us on as your commercial construction partner, we will do everything in our power to build a relationship with you and keep you as a happy customer.

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