Top Commercial Contractor in Palm Beach County, Florida

Top Commercial Contractor in Palm Beach County, Florida

Commercial Contractor Palm Beach County, FL

Optimum Development the best interests of the clients at heart, and are ready to provide remodeling services as well as building from scratch.

Optimum Development is a licensed general contractor in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We go out of our way to ensuring that each of our customers gets exactly what they are seeking, whether it’s remodeling or building from scratch. We work in tandem with our clients during every phase of the construction project and always keep their wishes in mind.

We can accommodate almost any kind of style or look you could possibly dream of.

Here at Optimum Development, we know that communication is key to delivering a successful project. We know construction projects can be a challenge; that’s why our goal is to make sure our customers have a positive experience when they work with us. We have skills and experience to take on any construction project; large or small. We have an outstanding reputation for completing jobs in a timely manner and with the best quality customer service and materials in Florida!

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Our Commercial Contracting Services in Palm Beach County

Our experienced and dedicated contractors allow us to specialize in both residential and commercial construction projects. Some of our commercial general contracting services are:

  • Design and estimate services
  • Cost and quality control
  • Safety inspections
  • Start to finish management
  • Subcontracting

Pre-Construction & Estimates

Planning is one of the most vital aspects of any construction project. In order for a project to get done on time and within the estimated budget, it needs to be well thought out before any of the construction starts.

Optimum Development has an experienced design team that can assist architects and engineers during the planning phase.

Working with our design team helps you realize cost-saving approaches and possible problems before the building process even begins.

Preconstruction Services Include:

  • Value engineering
  • Cost-saving measures
  • Schedule optimization
  • Material purchasing
  • Design analysis
  • Risk management

Construction Management in Palm Beach County

Commercial Construction management in Palm Beach County

Our skilled team will provide comprehensive construction services and get the work done as efficiently as possible.

As is the case with most construction projects, there are many different professionals participating in the construction site at one time. If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, for example, you may need a contractor along with a plumber and an electrician.

We, at Optimum Development, are ready to take up the role of your construction manager for all or your commercial projects. We will oversee the entire project in order to bring the project to a satisfactory completion.

Our skilled team will ensure that everyone on the construction site is working together in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We typically act as your eyes and ears, so you know that all the contractual obligations have been met.

How a Commercial Construction Management Company Saves You Time

Part of our roles as your project manager will be to:

  • Review all plans, specifications and other construction documents to certify accuracy
  • Ensure subcontractors perform the best work possible
  • Oversee contractual agreement between owner and contractor
  • Keep track of change orders
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Verify delivery of materials and worker schedules
  • Act as the liaison between workers and property owner
  • Provide on-site problem solving

Design and Build in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach Commercial Contracting Services

Optimum Development LLC uses a construction approach known as design-build; we plan, design, and build.

Optimum Development offers a method of construction called design-build, where the planning and design phase is handled by the company that is also doing the building.

The more traditional method involves one company handling the planning and design phase, then there is a bidding process where construction companies give estimates for the job. Having one construction company handle the entire job minimizes the risk of a miscommunication type scenario. Those who do the planning and design are much more capable of handling the building process because they are more familiar with the job. Optimum Development is equipped to handle any project from start to finish, which makes life far easier for the owner.

Here are someof the Benefits of Design-Build Construction:

  • Project is completed faster and with fewer people involved
  • Costs and budgets are easier to control
  • Miscommunication is moderated
  • Improved planning keeps the construction project moving forward
  • Less oversight required from the owner’s standpoint
  • Accountability is placed on a single entity

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Optimum Development builds and develops Commercial projects for both new project builds to full renovations.To us, no project is small or too big. We’ve managed to build an unimpeachable reputation over the years through the delivery of superior services both on time and on budget, thanks to our decades of experience. Call us today for a custom project assessment and quote!

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