Boynton Beach Apartment Renovation 

Not a resident of Boynton Beach? Do not stress. We also offer our services in Delray Beach, Lake Worth, and Lantana. Over time, cabinets, countertops, floorings, and other kitchen features can start to look and feel outdated and worn out. The same applies to bathroom tiles, wall color, flooring, and fixtures. A bath and kitchen remodel in Boynton Beach will give these rooms a new lease on life!


Renovation vs Remodeling


Kitchen remodeling in Boynton BeachPerhaps you love the look of your bathroom or kitchen and would prefer that it stayed the same, except that you would like to do a few upgrades. This is what you would refer to as a bath or kitchen renovation.

For instance, if your kitchen countertops are made out of butcher block countertops, you can update them with oak ones. Alternatively, for the bath, you can replace a rustic style vanity with one of the same style but with more drawer and storage allowance.


When remodeling a kitchen or a bath, changes are made in the fixtures and basic style. The room’s end result becomes different from the original look. A basic Boynton Beach apartment renovation is more of a facelift while a remodel is a complete makeover. 


All About Kitchen Remodeling


So what does a Boynton Beach kitchen remodel look like?


A homeowner that wants a remodel of their kitchen done should make a list of what they prefer in terms of style, colors, and texture. Some of these ideas for a kitchen would include adding a breakfast nook, update appliances, improve lighting, floors, cabinets, countertops, and the island. The homeowner should create a vision for the makeover and allow our team at Optimum Development LLC to deal with making it a reality for them. 


Affordable Remodeling in Boynton Beach


Once the homeowners make a wish list for kitchen remodeling, we can help you come up with an expense sheet Sometimes, the homeowner is required to prioritize some items on the wish list 

For example, one homeowner may want an updated floor more than they would want an island.


Another homeowner may be looking to get new countertops than they would prefer new kitchen countertops. Having a detailed list will help the homeowner keep the project organized and affordable. If you are looking to do a Boynton Beach apartment renovation, we are the right solution for you. 


Maximizing Space


For a homeowner that is installing new flooring, an island, and new countertops, there are a lot of measurements that need to be done. You need to follow some steps when remodeling your kitchen:


  • Order the sinks, countertops, and flooring
  • Packing and putting items in the kitchen in storage
  • Creating a space for a temporary kitchen
  • Obtaining the proper permits to start your renovation work
  • Start the actual remodeling work. 


A kitchen remodeling involves a lot of work, and this is why you should engage the services of a professional contractor with years of experience in remodeling baths and kitchens.


The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling


Makes a Home a More Inviting Place

Renovation vs RemodelingOne of the major benefits of remodeling a kitchen is making it more inviting and welcoming. Who would not like to walk into a kitchen that oozes beauty? 


Upgraded lighting, more counter space, and new appliances are all fresh aspects of a kitchen that make it enjoyable to spend time there. 


One can also choose to add an island with a breakfast bar which is inviting to the friends and family to sit together and have a long chat.

Energy Efficient Appliances Can Save a Family Money

A Boynton Beach apartment renovation will require that you bring in new appliances that are updated and modern. This can greatly help in conserving energy and significantly reducing your energy bill. Whether you are getting a new refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher, you should ensure that the new appliances are energy efficient. In short, you need to put up appliances that are upgraded and help you save energy. 


Are you looking to remodel or renovate your kitchen or bath? Then reach out to us at +1 561 310 6081 and we will bring your dreams to reality. We will incorporate your dream style into your existing one and ensure that the end result blows your mind. 


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